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All of our products are based around ingredients from Northern Norway. When assessing which ingredients are suitable we take into account if it's organically sourced, sustainable even if our demand for that product increases and who it is that produces the product. We will not take in an ingredient if we do not know who, where and how it is produced. We believe that Northern Norway has some of the highest quality ingredients available and we aim to co-operate with suppliers regardless of size. Transparency and trace -ability are of the utmost importance to us. 



We believe in environmental responsibility. We believe that corporations need to be more focused towards ingredients and packaging that leave minimal footprint on our oceans and forests. We also understand however that this is not always practical. We promise to continuously strive to leave a minimal footprint and if you believe you or your organisation can help us with that then we'd love to hear from you. 



We also strive to source both our ingredients and packaging from sustainable sources. We do not use oils where a consequence of their production is environmental damage, more specifically deforestation. If we have no other choice but to use plastic we ensure that it is recyclable & can be disposed of in a safe manner.