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The seaweed in our products is wild harvested in the cold Arctic waters surrounding the Lofoten archipelago.  Angelita and Tamara run the Lofoten Seaweed Company  which harvests a variety of seaweed primarily for consumption. We asked if they could harvest some top quality Norwegian Sea Kelp for us and they happily obliged.  Algae have a key role among the many substances originating in the sea used for cosmetic purposes. They are widely used in numerous thalassotherapy centres around the world. Known and appreciated in the marine environment, and often used for slimming and reshaping treatments, algae contain a wide variety of natural components with multiple properties.


Sea Kelp is an effective and tested ingredient which can combat the weakening of skin due to ageing, providing adequate nourishment. The result is that skin is more toned, more supple and lines are less visible.

The health benefits of Sea Kelp include:


Sea Kelp is an effective and tested ingredient, particularly suitable for mud packs, scrubs and soaps, providing valuable help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


The natural content of marine minerals, algal colloids of low molecular weight help to improve the clarity of skin on the face and body, as well as to hydrate and nourish it. It makes the skin more radiant and significantly helps to reduce brown skin spots.