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The organised chaos of a start up

September 20, 2017

In just a few short weeks we've launched our products in a local store, started an online shop, sent packages to the US, England, Scotland and all over Norway, been contacted by several bloggers wanting to know more about our concept and products and been contacted by one of the countries largest importers of wines and spirits because they thought our concept of recycling beer for cosmetics was pretty cool. Phew!


All along the way there's been kind comments, words of encouragement, suggestions for collaborations and of course, people purchasing our products. 


It's hectic and tiring, but that's all good when you're doing something you truly believe in. Going to bed every night doubting everything you did that day, wanting to change it all the day after, just to realise it was all OK just as it was, is actually kind of fun. Forgetting everything you were meant to remember, but didn't have time to write it down, is to put it mildly, challenging.  No one gets paid this early on in a start-up business. Hell no..... there is a plan for every penny/cent/øre as it's reinvested in product development, brand development, marketing, and so on, and so on......


So this is a thank you to those of you who believe, those of you who are along for the ride, those of you who purchase a product because you believe in supporting local small businnesses. Those of you who purchase a product because you believe in promoting the ingredients we choose, from one of the most beautiful places on the planet. And to those of you who believe in me, thank you, for helping to keep the dream alive. 






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